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Meet A&L Word Shop


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The Women Behind A&L Word Shop

We grew up daughters of a German mom and an Army dad. We were true global nomads, who traversed continents, attended countless different schools, and adjusted to our new environment every few years. Our lives demanded flexibility and chameleon-like adaptation as we slipped easily between countries and cultures. In true sister fashion, we played dolls, made forts for our stuffed animals, performed with our traveling marionette puppet theater, and sometimes argued like only sisters can. We could mix it up with each other, but if anyone else dared to take sides or mess with one of us, we were fiercely protective. That bond is what brought us together following several decades of pursuing quite different career paths. Our lives have converged to capture and combine the very best of our experiences and talent in the world of communication. We offer our collective passion for precision, creativity and uniqueness that has been shaped by our own distinctive pathways.


Hi! I’m Annette … the “A” in A&L Word Shop

I’m the technical part of the house. What does that mean? I have had 28 years of experience in the US Air Force as a military aviator and operational planner (I know, highly technical, right?). 

During my successful years in the military and beyond, I served as:

· Legislative Fellow & Senate Staff National Security Advisor

· Instructor & Course Director for Ontological Leadership, USAF Academy 

· Embassy Community Liaison Officer

· Consultant and Chief Operating Officer, International Defense Strategy and Program Management


So, how does all of that help you with your copy? Well, over the years I’ve written speeches for senators, penned plenty of B2B and white papers, audited websites, written and edited copy, created landing pages, and have even written copy for a company that makes a cool coating for fuel tanks that keeps bullets from getting in – and vehicles from blowing up. Yep, that copy even helps save lives. So, I can pretty much handle any technical copy you will need. I was trained for it.


When I’m not producing accurate, precise, technical copy, I’m a mom of two successful humans. I also spend time volunteering with Junior Achievement Tampa, and help in various soup kitchens. I have volunteered on an organic coffee farm, and served as school Parent Advisory Board Chair. With all those volunteer hours, my people skills are on point, and I’m ready to collaborate with you to meet all your copy needs (especially the highspeed technical stuff).




The Formal Stuff: 

  • University of Hawaii, Manoa, Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunication and Minor in German 

  • Master's Degree in Education, University of Phoenix 

  • Executive Master's Degree in Business Administration, University of Florida Warrington School of Business (2022)


The Technical Stuff: 

  • Specialized Undergraduate Navigator Training, Mather Air Force Base, CA 

  • Combat Crew Training School, KC-135, Castle Air Force Base, CA

  • Combat Crew Training School, C-130, Little Rock Air Force Base, AR 

  • Squadron Officer's School Maxwell AFB, AL (Winner, Writing Excellence Award) 

  • Instructor Navigator Training Little Rock Air Force Base, AR 

  • Air Command and Staff College Washington D.C. 


The Other Stuff: 

  • Legislative Studies Certificate Classes, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

  • Numerous Special Operations and Joint Training Courses at Hurlburt Field, FL 

  • Transformative Leadership Course, USAF Academy, Colorado Springs, CO 

  • Curriculum Design and Development Course, USAF Academy

  • Train the Trainer Course for Transformative Leadership, USAF Academy 


Hi! I’m Liz … the “L” in A&L Word Shop


I’m the in-the-trenches, 30-year teacher (Yes, 30 whole years). For most of my public-school career, I taught students how to research and write narrative, expository, and persuasive papers, which means I can read even the most challenging handwriting. I’ll also tell you, point blank, if your writing is in dire need of an overhaul (in a nice way).


After I mastered teaching small humans the craft of writing, I designed lessons and workshops for teachers to do the same. I penned many a resume or letter for my colleges and made grant writing my jam. Careful research and writing assured I was awarded every grant I wrote. At my schools I was an advocate for diverse student populations, pioneered several chess clubs, taught robotics, and built a garden with a small animal farm so underserved students could have varied experiences. I served as team leader, teacher mentor, helped write several school improvement plans, and served as a writing specialist. 


How does my public-school career help you with your copy needs? I’m an expert at working with others to meet all their writing needs … and I audit billboards as a hobby. My red correction pen is part of my personality, and I am silently correcting everyone’s grammar (in my head).


When I’m not obsessing over writing or fixing copy, I am a mom of a special needs son, and have volunteered at Lighthouse for the Blind, and at a retirement home for elderly people needing memory care. I’ve participated in ten Multiple Sclerosis (MS) charity rides raising thousands of dollars, and am active with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) support groups. I’m a natural born helper, ready to assist you with your copy needs.



The Formal Stuff: 

  • University of Hawaii, Manoa, Bachelor of Arts in Education and Minor in Art 

  • Nova Southeastern University, Master of Arts Teaching And Learning 


The Technical Stuff: 

​Completed certifications and workshops in: 

  • Office 365 including Excel & PowerPoint

  • Canvas, Flipgrid, and Nearpod 

  • Assistive Technology

  • Smartboard

  • Data Analysis & Improvement Processes


The Other Stuff: 

  • Awarded Teacher of the Year at Cypress Creek Elementary School in 2014

  • Keynote Speaker at The International Reading Association's 53rd Annual Convention. Led a forum for the use of authentic experiences for enhanced writing instruction.

  • Wrote and won numerous school grants for extracurricular education enhancing activities. 

  • Champion of underserved and minority students. Founded Chess Club (won national ranking), Garden Club and Robotics Clubs to give students exposure to success based and experiential learning through fun activities. 

Completed multiple writing certifications and workshops including: 

  • ​Think, Talk, Write​​

  • Voice in Writing 

  • Analysis of Writing 

  • Writing Train the Trainer 

  • Writing Action Research 

  • Conferencing & Revision 

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